Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back to School

Well, summer vacation is almost over it seems. My whitewater rafting trip was the highlight of the summer and now it's time to focus on getting back to school. My boy starts 4th grade in 3 weeks, then things will be business as usual.

I remember when I was in school and the most exciting time for me was getting all new school supplies. I have always had a fetish with paper, pens, all that junk. There's nothing quite like a fresh spiral notebook that's never been written in. Or a yellow legal pad. Brand new box of crayons. My son is required to have two 5-subject spiral notebooks this year -- that's kind of scary. I don't recall ever having to have a five subject notebook, much less two of them! I'm curious to know what he will be filling those books up with. I know fourth grade is the Florida History year and I remember that as being the most interesting (or most memorable) thing I studied in elementary school. Looking forward to re-learning that stuff.

I'm going to take ChanMan to the water park next week as a last hoorah before school starts. Gotta love that endless river!

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