Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well, we are home again now but that was the most fun I've had in a LONG time. My husband, my son and I did a great job maneuvering the rapids on the Hiwassee River. I know you seasoned rafters/canoers/kayakers are thinking how easy the Hiwassee is, and for the most part it was, but there were a few hairy moments and we did get stuck several times LOL. I haven't had the photos developed yet (from my waterproof disposable camera) but I did take a few with my digital camera before and after that I will post here.

I tell you, I cannot WAIT to do it again, and even kayak. I swear that looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I know it's not as easy as it looks, but I am dying to do it. Unfortunately, we won't be able to go again until summer, 2007, but I am hoping to talk my dear darling husband into renting a cabin for a week, then inviting our WHOLE FAMILY to come and stay with us.

Today, Sunday, we drove to the Ocoee to see just what that was all about. OH MY GOD -- we can't wait to raft on the Ocoee! I swear, though, I want to have the whole family there and have a guide with us. I know everyone would have a BLAST!

Here are some photos that I took at the Ocoee (click photo to enlarge):


Wrkinprogress said...

The Ocoee has some SERIOUS white water, not for beginners -- they used this as the Olympic site for kayaking a few Olympics ago.

Speaking for this branch of your family, we're THERE!!! I wish we could go on canoe or float trips like we used to sometimes. That was always a lot of fun. So count us in!!!

RunAwayImagination said...

Wow! What fun!

I rafted on the Cheat Canyon several years ago with friends when I lived in Northern Virginia. The Cheat is in West Virginia, not too far from Morgantown. We went in early May when the water was high from melting snow. I remember waking up in my tent the morning of the raft trip with ICE on my hair! There were several Class 5 rapids, so it was definitely not for the timid. We went in 10-person rafts, each with a guide steering and shouting orders from the back. The first year I managed to escape going into the water, but the next year I got ejected from the raft when we went over a big rock. The raft went over me, and I reached up just in time to grab the hand of someone reaching down from the back who pulled me back into the raft. The water was very cold, so we all wore wetsuits.

I think my white water rafting years are behind me, but like wrkinprogress, I'd be up for a canoe or tubing trip with y'all!