Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee! (yesterday!)

Yes, that's right. I turned the BIG 39 yesterday; ouch!!!!!

Honestly, though, it was one of my better birthdays -- lots of fun LOL.

First, I got a beautiful, huge bouquet of roses at work (school)from my darling husband, and all my buddies were jealous (thanks Pat!!) Then, my buddies snuck around and got me an awesome Oreo cake and some gifts and had a mini party in the teacher's lounge. THEN, I went to my other job and they had a pizza party for me and guess what? That's right, ANOTHER CAKE! That was fun. Then my darling husband took me out for a great dinner at Vallartas, complete with the best frozen marguarita ever! Then I slept like a baby. The End.

Here are the roses!


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Tater said...

Yay woohoo! You are the bomb! Goooooooo You!! Yay!! Happy Birthday!!!